SAMANJALO is a flyash beneficiation business that uses technology to beneficiate the coal waste into green products used in construction and infrastructure environments such as green cement, bricks, pavers, barricades etc

SAMANJALO is a South African based manufacturing Company in Mpumalanga Province, Emalahleni. Mpumalanga is home at least 70% of coal-fired power stations in South Africa and South Africa is the highest coal producer in the continent and 7th largest in the world.


  • 01

    Environmentally-friendly products

  • 02

    Re-energise communities

  • 03

    Reskill youth

  • 04

    Good and better use of Coal ash residue

Our Vision

To be a leader in flyash beneficiation using technology to produce environmentally friendly products

Product Offering Technology

SAMANJALO produces the following:

Stock bricks
Paving bricks
Hollow bricks
Maxi bricks

Future products to include: Precast panels
Road bases
Mine backfill


Producers of road and construction products. Be a technological hub for flyash testing Partner with communities and academic institutions for vocational training

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Efficient Innovation

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Eco Friendly

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Trialed & Tested

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Cost Effective


SAMANJALO is an environmental sensitive organisation that offers affordable fly ash bricks to our customers. We support skills training and development of our employees and see them as at centre of unmatched professional customer service.


The intention of Samanjalo is to generate profit and create a sustainable balance between people, systems and processes that will promote productivity and good relations with our employees. Efforts directed towards the implementation the strategy are carried out with the anticipation of developing a positive corporate culture within the organization.


The fly-ash products contain more strength in them as opposed to substitutes like cement. The strength of the brick has been tested to have strength of 42 mpa while the minimum strength requirements are 7 mpa. With strength of 42, we are able to manufacture a wider range of products, which were previously manufactured by cement, at a lower cost.